My industry is:

  • Sorters
  • Agricultural products
  • Industrial products
  • X-ray Inspection
  • Food
  • Industrial products
  • Public places

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Company News

We are a major manufacturer of rice color sorter, based in China. We offer various types of products such as rice color sorter, monochrome tea color sorter, belt-type color sorter color sorter and so on. Our products are high quality and competitively priced. Our full chain of manufacturing x-ray industry machine, multicolor tea color sorter can be completed in china, even in one city. Our lower manufacturing cost can save your purchasing cost. a more detailed description of our product is shown on the page.

After the unremitting efforts by all the staffs, now we "ANCOO" brand color sorter is becoming brand guarantee and symbol of status for China's food processing industry; now we own the largest market share in domestic market, and also we export color sorters to different countries all over the world with top technology and good after-sales service.

With strong capability of research and production, we will design and manufacture all kinds of color sorter in accordance to the demands of our clients.