My industry is:

  • Sorters
  • Agricultural products
  • Industrial products
  • X-ray Inspection
  • Food
  • Industrial products
  • Public places

My business scene:



    Red stands for her nerve for creation

    Green stands for her  faith for safety

    Blue stands for her mind for discovery


    Color sorter for food safety

    X-ray detector for society safety

    CBCT for precise medical imaging

    The light with true heart 

    creates beauty of discovery


    Being honest and sincere

    is why customers trust Meyer

    Being innovative and going forward

    drives Meyer to be international

    Quality and service 

    Are fundamental to grow rapidly

    From breaking monopoly

    to winning the National Prize of Progress in Sci-tech

    From going public 

    to fast growth in 3 business parts

    the largest optoelectronic identification square in Asia

    is shining confidence and strength as a national brand

    This is Meyer!


    Innovation is the main force to lead development

    Authorized certificates

    are strength as the industrial leader

    and are confidence to explore the unkown

    as well as are responsibility 

    to lead the whole industry to step forward


    The hero

    is not afraid of challenges

    What hide behind reputation

    is working hard day and night 

    From the 1st China made sorter

     to the 1st China made CBCT

    From the technology explorer 

    to the national standard setter

    Meyer contributes a lot 

    to food safety and medical care industry

    True heart never changes and blood always surges


    Food safety comes first

    From rice, peanuts, beans

    to nuts, tea, fruits

    Meyer sorters

    ensure safety of over 300 kinds of materials

    and help global enterprises build reputation

    Delicasy can be in different ways

    and Meyer is everywhere


    Peaceful time thanks to Meyer's protection

    From shoes, bags to packaged food

    From tire to public safety

    Meyer X-ray inspection machines

    guard your safety invisibly


    Precise diagnosis ensures oral health

    From only 2 machines sold in the 1st year

    to over 600 machines in only one promotion activity

    From  public hospitals to 4500+ private clinics

    Meyer boosts popularization of CBCT

    Cost is to be affordable

    Health is to be improved 

    Lead the industry to grow 

    Deliver health nationwide


    Made in China

    the backbone of nation, the dream of a century

    Meyer positively responds to the call of nation

    to develop in high quality

    from supply, R&D, manufacturing

    to management, marketing, service

    as an industry benchmark


    Fair and open supply

    Meyer electronic procurement platform

    delivers transparency

    We only cooperate with quality suppliers

    to ensure high quality.


    Efficient and pragmatic R&D

    Focus on customers' needs

    to design products

    with standardization and modularization


    Lean and intelligent production

    Optimize each part

    Full innovation of production mechanism

    brings a giant leap 

    in consistency and stability of products



    Wholehearted services

    Local service is efficient

    Online service responds fast

    Overseas branches ensures availability

    Without limitation of time and geography 

    true heart is always close



    Smart and innovative management

    From application of mobile working system 

    to introduction of international advisory organization

    Benchmarking of the world class companies 

    drives Meyer to grow fast


    Cooperative team

    Led by excellent corporate culture

    Meyer employees work together

    to create more values



    We are creative to discover the world

    and passionate to lead the future

    Meyer will keep focusing on intelligent identification

    in its 3 business parts

    to deliver safety and health

    This is Meyer!