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Pakistan Hassan Ali Rice Company: Find the

Today Meyer arrives at Hassan Ali Rice Export Company, one of the leading companies in Pakistan's rice industry. By precise rice classification to meet the needs of global buyers, and finding the "sweet spot" for win-win with customers, Hassan Ali sells excellent Pakistan rice to the rest of the world.

01.jpg▲Pakistan Hassan Ali Rice Export Company

Established in the 1960s, Hassan Ali has been engaged in the purchase of raw rice grains, rice processing and export. As one of the largest rice exporters in Pakistan, its annual rice export reaches about 450,000 tons, shipping to many countries in Europe, East Asia, Africa and others. Basmati is the main rice processed in Hassan Ali, which features a slender shape and strong fragrance. Due to differences in consumer dietary habits, rice buyers from different countries have specific requirements for the length, width, appearance and color of basmati. Therefore, accurate rice grading is particularly important.

02.jpgBasmati is graded according to length, thickness, width, gel content and others

Hassan Ali has totally introduced six Meyer color sorters since 2018 to classify the rice to meet customers' requirements of rice quality. "It's actually achieving an optimum in terms of quality and yield, and this machine helps us to achieve that." Amin Hashwani, Executive Director of Hassan Ali Rice Export Company, praised the performance of Meyer color sorter in the video. "So it is absolutely essential for us to look at what that sweet spot is, where it is, where we all intend making some money and the customer is also happy."


04.jpgMeyer color sorter in Hassan Ali rice production line

"So the key factor that differentiates one company from another is about your reliability and your relationship building." Amin Hashwani is also satisfied with Meyer's service. "we've found that we've deepened excellent in terms of response, understanding our needs, listening to us. And we look forward to continuing this relationship. Insha Allah in a bright future!"

Meyer, together with Hassan Ali, meets customer needs with stable processing equipment and maintains long-term cooperation with a good relationship of trust. In the future, Meyer will adhere to customer demand-oriented development, strengthen independent innovation, and guarantee the product quality and safety of global food processing enterprises.