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Always for Higher Standard! Review Chinese Color Sorter History!

Washing rice, a simple but important step before cooking the meal, happens in every Chinese family.  Dating back to the 1980s, these white grains had to be cleaned with patience and care to pick out shells, tiny stones and little insects. A bowl of delicious rice without any impurity then goes on the table.


Meyer was established in 1993. At that time, its start-up team of over ten technicians, with Chairman Tian Ming as its leader, worked in the first China-made color sorter. The color sorter applies photoelectric identification technology to accurately remove impurities based on the difference in color, shape, texture, material and other characteristics of the material. So now it is hard to find any mildew, sand or impurities in agricultural products like rice, cereals, nuts and tea. This is the contribution of color sorters and this is also the contribution of Meyer.


A simple and severe mission has been deeply embedded in Mr Tian Ming's mind as a beginner to start up business, to make contributions for the country and the people.  The original intention is like a seed, slowly growing into a sky tree. Also, as if standing at the starting point, it stretches into a very long road. After nearly 30 years of trials and hardships, Meyer color sorter has been widely used in agri- and by-products processing, refined tea manufacture and renewable resources recycling. Meyer has been awarded the National Science and Technology Progress Prize twice, the National Key New Products, National Independent Innovation Products certification several times. Total sales reached nearly 100,000 units, covering worldwide customers in more than 100 countries and regions; With the continuous development of photoelectric intelligent identification technology, Meyer's detection business also extends to food manufacturing, tire manufacturing and high-end medical imaging, committed to being the guardian of quality, safety, health and green.

Looking back on the past development, Meyer always adheres to the enterprise spirit of "integrity, realism and innovation", the value of "quality first, customer foremost". Guided by the market-oriented demand, Meyer continues to strengthen industry-university-research cooperation, enhance independent innovation ability and improve key performance indicators of color sorter like accuracy, output, carryout ratio. From single side color sorting to double side, from an analog signal to digital signal, from CMOS sensor to CCD sensor, from black and white CCD to color array/linear array CCD, from single-chip microcomputer with FPGA+DSP control to digital electrical topology structure, from fluorescent lamp to LED light, from visible light recognition to multi-spectral recognition, from manual parameter adjustment to one key intelligent interaction, from the single closed structure to open frame, multi-layer, belt-type and other rich structures, from single color selection to interconnection with the production line...... Each of the steps interprets our mission and refreshes our standard. It stands for the development epitome of the Chinese color sorting industry.

Put gratitude in mind and pay back in action. The high-quality development in all walks of life stimulates the significant upgrade of consumer demand and color sorters also require continuous innovation to meet the ever-changing sorting needs. We have been thinking about how to create more value for customers. Our previous customer survey revealed that customers shared the same expectation for the all-new Meyer color sorters, hoping that the operation process and sorting effect will be stable and reliable for a long time. To realize the customers' expectations, under the guidance of the company's medium and long-term development strategy, the all-new Meyer color sorter produced by the intelligent factory will be officially launched, which will define new standards for intelligent sorting. 

All-new Meyer color sorter achieves engineering design, intelligent production and standardized production and its structure is highly stable and reliable. Innovate digital electrical topology to color sorter to reduce 45% of the redundant control module, decreasing the sudden failure of core components fundamentally, which ensures stable and reliable production operation; In addition, the high reliability with a number of technological upgrades, such as maglev ejector 3.0 and deep learning, achieve high precision, low carryout, large output and other performance in long-time stable operation. Meyer color sorter has a dramatic increase in value.

Let's pay tribute to history. Review the past and look into the future......


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