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Meyer Products endorses "Smart Manufacturing in China"

On April 25, Anhui News reported on Meyer's continuous development of overseas markets with quality and services. The original text is as follows:

Crossing mountains and rivers, making China-made products the "sweet pastry" in the hands of foreigners is something that domestic high-tech enterprises never dared to think about in the past. Today, the color sorter, X-ray inspection equipment, CBCT and other products produced by Meyer have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions overseas, with an average annual export volume of nearly 400 million yuan.

"In 2004, we sold 2 rice color sorters to Southeast Asian customers for the first time." Li Wenming, director of the International Trade Department, revealed that this order opened the way for Meyer to go overseas. "Top Student" has won the support and trust of tens of thousands of users overseas, further demonstrating the influence of national manufacturing in the new era, and helping Chinese and foreign brands build a bridge for mutual learning and win-win cooperation.

Keywords: targeting overseas markets

   ——Speak with quality, from "local competition" to "international competition"

In recent years, relying on favorable policies such as the “Belt and Road Initiative”, Meyer has begun to accelerate its efforts to seize overseas markets. The company insists on taking quality as the spear and service as the sword to boost the brand’s influence on a global scale. There is still a long way to go.


Li Wenming said that after nearly 30 years of hard work in the local area, Meyer has won a number of "national" honors: National Innovative Enterprise, National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, Key Software Enterprise in National Planning, National Torch Plan key high-tech enterprises, the national intellectual property demonstration enterprises... The affirmation and praise have given Meyer the courage to "go out". When they really entered the overseas market, they saw a vast world of great achievements. , and also saw the surging waves in the living environment.

In the domestic market, Meyer has gradually gained a firm foothold with its innovation, high-quality, and development endurance, and has become a benchmark enterprise that formulates many national and industry standards. In foreign markets, on the one hand, Meyer competes with international brands from Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries with product strength, on the other hand, actively expand overseas sales channels with multi-channel strategy. "Now we have nearly 40 overseas distributors, which has greatly improved Meyer's overseas market. At the same time, we must also ‘walk on two legs’ - that is, to maintain the ability to develop end customers independently and have a clear understanding of the needs of overseas customers." Li Wenming said.

After entering the overseas market, Meyer has always maintained the spirit and courage of forging ahead, and calmly responded to various risks and challenges. The effective "Meyer Solution" has become a textbook for Chinese high-tech enterprises to go global. From color sorters, X-ray inspection equipment to CBCT, Meyer has established a global marketing network, providing high-quality sorting solutions for more than 100 countries and regions.

Keywords: brand breakout against the trend

   ——from "Made in China" to "Smart Manufacturing in China"

In 2020, with excellent quality and technical strength, Meyer CBCT products have successively obtained the EU CE authority certification and the Australian TGA authority registration - this indicates that Meyer CBCT products have obtained the pass to enter the EU countries, and the global market layout has been expanded. However, the international market has established access rules, and a series of problems such as overseas business risks, political fluctuation risks, and market risks caused by exchange rate fluctuations are still hampering the company's "going overseas" road.


"When entering the overseas market, Meyer will not only face the common problems of enterprises with overseas business, but also encounter its own personality problems." Li Wenming has served in Meyer International Trade Department for nearly 5 years, and he clearly knows that it is not easy for enterprises to go overseas. Industry giants who can set an example in various fields in China will experience brand recognition reconstruction and domestic competition spillover when they go abroad. "For the newly entered market, the recognition of Chinese brands by foreign consumers is not high, and the progress will be slightly slower at the beginning. In addition, there will be some uncontrollable factors that will impact the overseas operations of enterprises."

So how can companies truly break through the trend when they expand their tentacles into overseas markets? This is a difficult problem that confronts every enterprise, and it is also a must-answer question. After nearly 20 years of expedition in overseas markets, Meyer has handed over its own answer sheet - with technological innovation as the driving force, with after-sales service as the hard support, and integrating local game rules and industry rules, it can go from "1" to "10", on the basis of customers’ trust of the brand.

This year, Meyer released brand new color sorter. When it comes to new products, Li Wenming introduced: "After a traditional color sorter has been used for a period of time, the sorting effect is easy to be unstable. This is because the long-term continuous operation of the processing industry, the color sorter as the quality center of the production line, has to perform tens of thousands of removal actions every minute, under high-intensity operation, it will inevitably lead to deformation of part of the structure, affecting the sorting effect. Traditional color sorters mainly rely on manual assembly production, product standards are different, and the reliability is not high, which is the fundamental reason why it is difficult to guarantee the stable operation of the whole machine. Li Wenming said: "The brand-new Meyer color sorter is engineered and manufactured in a smart factory, with standardized production, and the structure of the whole machine is highly stable and reliable. The innovative use of digital electrical topology can control the sudden failure of core components from the source, guaranteeing The production line runs stably and reliably. The reliability guarantee is superimposed on the independent technological innovation, so that the performance advantages such as high precision, low carry-out and large output can be stabilized for a long time.”


It is reported that Meyer has two smart factories, which are parts and assembly bases, painting and sheet metal bases, covering the production of core equipment such as color sorters, X-ray inspection machines, and CBCT, with a total investment of nearly 600 million yuan. Introduced a lot of high-precision processing equipment and digital management systems, built a number of advanced automated and intelligent production lines, improved the enterprise's intelligent level in production process control, quality control and traceability, making Meyer gradually changing from "Traditional process-based production"   to "standardization, modularization, intelligence, digitization, and internationalization", which fully guarantees the core competitiveness of products and makes "Meyer Intelligent Manufacturing" be another "beautiful business card” handed over from China to the world.

Key words: answer the epidemic examination paper well

   ——Connect with technology, from "offline service" to "online guidance"

Under the haze of the global epidemic, many companies' business in overseas markets has been hindered. In order to ensure that overseas customers' equipment is in good operating condition, in April 2019, Meyer established its first overseas office - South Asia Office in Hyderabad, India.


"Before the epidemic, the after-sales service team of Meyer would conduct regular inspection activities to bring customers a professional and standardized after-sales service experience. After the outbreak, we responded as soon as possible and helped customers debug equipment in real time through 'remote contactless service'. Li Wenming admitted that the epidemic has indeed brought certain difficulties to the operation and service of the company, but in order to ensure the stable production of food processing customers around the world, Meyer first uses the "remote contactless service" to provide overseas customers with online services. The second is to debug the equipment before leaving the factory according to the materials required by customers, so as to improve the operation status after the product arrive overseas as much as possible. With the help of the team, we can ensure the efficient production of equipment and tide over difficult times together.

Difficulty is a common feeling under the shroud of the epidemic. It is the choice of Meyer to face difficulties. With the determination and the courage, the horn of the charge has already sounded.


In recent years, with the help of technological advantages, Meyer will provide online uninterrupted, non-contact remote intelligent services for domestic and foreign customers. Since last year, Meyer has repeatedly “going to the cloud” for marketing, using five languages: English, French, Russian, Spanish, and Arabic, to continuously release and display advanced color sorting solutions to global customers online.

"Competition is unavoidable, but we are willing to go slower in the preliminary preparation process, and present products to overseas customers when they meet the international market access rules, so as to improve customer satisfaction and highlight 'Meyer advantage' among the competition. " Li Wenming said that there is still a long way to go for national brands, and only by practicing "internal strength" can the company be in an invincible position. Next step, Meyer will continue to expand business in overseas markets - in terms of market development, it will actively open up blue ocean spaces such as Southeast Asia, West Asia. In terms of business sectors, it will expand export categories in the fields of recycling and recycling. In terms of medical devices, it will continue to increase investment in product research and development and build enterprise innovation capabilities.