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Brand New Meyer AI Belt Color Sorter, Soon to be Released!

As we all know, it is very important for a company to have "quality consciousness" in order to obtain sustainable development. For the competitiveness of the product, this is the way of business to set high standards. In order to achieve the goal of "no matter 1 or 10,000 products, the quality is always the same", Meyer firmly focuses on customer needs and never compromises in the pursuit of the ultimate in performance, reliability and other aspects. Inspired by the spirit of never compromising in product quality, Meyer products conform to high standard, Meyer staff make continuous efforts to pursue the excellence. The upcoming Meyer AI belt color sorter is a high-quality product built with this spirit.


                                                                                           ▲ Meyer Industry Zone

Looking back at Meyer nearly thirty years history, the core culture of "integrity, truth-seeking, innovation", as well as the value of "customer first, quality foremost" have always been throughout the whole development. If we say, Meyer in the past was committed to constantly guard human safety and health with intelligent identification technology. Then, the current Meyer is targeting to make all products "best in the world". Under this insistence, based on the high reliability brought by engineering design and "deep learning" technology, the brand new Meyer AI belt color sorter brings users a more refined sorting performance.


                                                                                        ▲ Meyer AI Belt Color Sorter

With the upgrading of end consumption, the majority of processing customers are pay more and more attention to standardized and refined production. However, due to the wide variety of crops and complex factors such as planting time and environment, defects with extremely complex color and shape characteristics are often produced in materials such as nuts, fruits and vegetables, spices and Chinese herbs, which bring challenges to quality control. The traditional belt color sorter needs to be customized for different materials. It is difficult to set parameters and guarantee the sorting performance, and the applicable materials are limited. The Meyer AI belt color sorter can realize intelligent sorting without human intervention based on the refined analysis system of foreign material characteristics of agricultural products; combined with a number of technical innovations such as the core component maglev ejector 3.0, it has made a major breakthrough in the key indexes such as sorting accuracy, yield and carry-out ratio. It can truly meet the changing and refined sorting needs of customers.


                                                                         ▲ Meyer AI Belt Color Sorter Assembly Line

Since the launch of the first China-made belt color sorter in 2006, Meyer belt sorting platform has undergone three major innovations and upgrades. Based on the third generation platform MBS, Meyer AI belt color sorter has not only made a breakthrough in the field of deep learning, but also comprehensively introduced engineering design and successfully realized "standardization and modularization" improvement, and the core components have been continuously realized streamlined and automated production to ensure the highly stable and reliable structure of the whole machine. The innovative adoption of digital electrical topology, which overturns the traditional electrical control platform, can control the sudden failure of core components from the source and ensure the stable and reliable operation process.


Pursue the ultimate, never compromise! Meyer AI belt color sorter, more innovations will be unveiled soon to open a new era of fine sorting in the industry! Please look forward to it.