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Inspiration: The 10th Anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative, Meyer Respond—Africa Chapter

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative. The Third Belt and Road International Cooperation Summit Forum was held in Beijing with the theme of "High-Quality Co-construction of the Belt and Road, Hand in Hand to Achieve Common Development and Prosperity" shortly before. As a leading enterprise in the field of optoelectronic intelligent identification and equipment manufacturing, Meyer has actively responded to and deeply practiced the Belt and Road Initiative over the past decade, continuously promoting the implementation of the "internationalization" strategy. With technological innovation as the driving force and product quality and service quality as the solid support, Meyer has established a global marketing network, providing high-quality optical recognition solutions for more than 100 countries and regions, making "Meyer Manufacturing" another "beautiful business card" handed over to the world.


Meyer products are exported all over the world

Every two or three months, Joey takes a trip to Africa, staying for over a month each time. This is his normal work rhythm. He is the area manager for West Africa at Meyer International Trade Department, spending over a hundred days a year traveling to multiple countries in Africa. His main task is to develop and maintain the African market, providing intelligent sorting solutions for local customers in the agricultural products industry. The color sorting machine for agricultural products is Meyer's main export product. Initially, it provided rice sorting solutions to neighboring countries such as Vietnam and India. With the continuous development of the "Belt and Road" initiative, the company gradually expanded into the African market, and the sorting materials expanded from rice to various grains and nuts, including the cashew nuts abundant in Ivory Coast.


Joey takes a photo with a customer from Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast, located on the west coast of Africa, is famous for its rich agricultural products. Since 2008, it has been the world's largest exporter of cashew nuts. In December 2015, Joey came to Ivory Coast for the first time. "It was the most difficult, helpless, and high-pressure experience. It was truly pioneering from scratch." Recalling this past experience, Joey felt a sense of emotion once again. It turned out that although Ivory Coast is abundant in cashew nuts, due to the backwardness of equipment, technology, and talent, most of the processing stages needed to be completed in Vietnam, India, and other places. Only a few factories in the local area could complete the entire processing chain, and many of them relied on manual sorting. "There are very few companies in the local area using color sorting machines, and most people have no concept of them." However, against the background of the joint construction of the "Belt and Road," the local government of Ivory Coast gradually released favorable policies, and many cashew processing factories emerged. Joey and others keenly sensed the business opportunities at this time and accelerated the promotion of color sorting machines. With excellent quality and technological strength, Meyer's color sorting machines quickly became the new favorite of local material processing factories.


Meyer participates in the 17th Annual Cashew Conference of the African Cashew Alliance

At the 17th Annual Cashew Conference of the African Cashew Alliance, Meyer showcased its latest product, the 240KFS3 Belt Color Sorter, which is equipped with deep learning technology and four high-definition cameras. This sorter can accurately identify the flower skin, blemishes, stones, and other impurities in cashew nuts, providing solutions for shell and kernel separation, kernel sorting and grading, and impurity sorting. The sorting precision and output are significantly improved, and the machine body is made of 304 stainless steel to prevent corrosion.


This product effectively solves the problem of manual sorting, greatly improving processing efficiency and product quality, and helping companies reduce costs and increase efficiency. It also contributes to the localization of cashew processing in the region and the overall economic development of Africa. Additionally, it promotes the popularization of local optical sorting technology. Through the efforts of Joey and his colleagues, Meyer became the first Chinese company to enter the cashew color sorting field in West Africa.


Meyer 240KFS3 Belt Color Sorter

With this breakthrough from "0" to "1", there will be a leap from "1" to "100". Meyer products now cover more than 20 countries in Africa, and the company has established a comprehensive localized after-sales service system. With a strong sense of social responsibility, the company actively takes on the role of an innovative leader and increases investment in research and development, striving to become a world-class high-tech enterprise with intelligent recognition technology at its core.

Looking ahead to the next golden decade, Meyer will seize the opportunity of the Belt and Road Initiative, actively take on social responsibilities, and strive to become a leading international high-tech enterprise. The company will continue to innovate and meet the needs of industrial development, and await the "grading" from customers in the global market.