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Inspiration: The 10th Anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative, Meyer Respond --Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is an important trade partner of China, and also a pioneer demonstration area of the Belt and Road. As early as 2004, Meyer sold 2 sets of rice color sorters to a Southeast Asian customer, which was also the first order on Meyer's way to the oversea.

‘Due to its special geographical location, the Southeast Asian market has its unique advantages, such as low logistics costs, and small cultural differences, but at the same time, the degree of information is also relatively transparent, the national brand to stand firm, your products must have superior product power. ‘Talking about the characteristics of the Southeast Asian market, Meyer International Trade Department of Southeast Asia Regional Sales Manager Sharon said with deep feelings. Over the years, she has been moving around in Southeast Asian countries to provide local customers with agricultural sorting solutions, Indonesia is one of her main business area. 

image (2).png

Southeast Asian Customers Visited Meyer

Indonesia, located in the Malay Archipelago, is the most populous country in Southeast Asia and also the largest archipelago country in the world, consisting of more than 17,000 islands, and therefore also known as the ‘country of a thousand islands’. The local people take rice as their staple food, and in the past, many local rice mills used color sorters mainly of European, Japanese, and Korean brands. With the deepening of the Belt and Road construction, the global influence of China's manufacturing is also increasing, in the head-to-head battle with foreign competitors, Meyer with the strength of the national brand to complete the breakout against the trend. At the 2019 China International Cereals and Oils Exhibition, PT BERILL JAYA SEJAHTERA of Indonesia was attracted by the excellent sorting effect of Meyer's rice color sorter and decided to go to the company for a field trial inspection. This top ten rice mill in Indonesia has been using European brand color sorters before, and after arriving at the company, it only took two ‘ten minutes’ - ten minutes for testing the machine and ten minutes for business negotiation - to place an order and complete the replacement of the product.

Overseas guests visit Meyer's product experience center during Cereals & Oils China

Southeast Asian customers praised Meyer products

Meyer's latest generation ‘Dream AI’ high-end rice color sorter is equipped with deep learning technology, which is capable of efficiently sorting broken rice and separating different varieties of intermixed rice, ensuring consistent rice quality, and meeting the needs of customers for multi-species, small batch, and customization. At the same time, the product is based on engineering design and intelligent manufacturing, which ensures the highly stable and reliable operation of the whole machine.

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Meyer's latest generation ‘Dream AI’ high-end rice color sorter

After taking more and more orders from large factories, Meyer has also paid attention to the sorting needs of some small-scale rice factories, and developed a cost-effective small-scale color sorter suitable for their use, with a small footprint, low maintenance costs, and flexible and adjustable precision and output, which has strongly promoted the modernization of local rice processing and improved the quality of grains!

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Meyer color sorter assembly line

Today, Meyer’s marketing network has covered more than ten countries in Southeast Asia, including color sorter, X-ray inspection equipment, dental CBCT, including a variety of products by Southeast Asian customers widely acclaimed, and firmly established ‘Meyer, Reliable Choice’ brand image, further highlighting the global influence of Made in China.